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Pet Food Pantry

Metal cart with bags of dry dog/cat food and canned wet food
Pet Food Pantry

Not to long ago you could buy a 20 oz soda for $1, but go to any Walmart or Target today and the price will be well over $2. Soda is not the only item we are seeing inflation effect. Many pet owners in the area are facing higher prices in rent, food, and gasoline with no increase in pay. This means they are looking for ways to cover their bills. The scary thing is many people have to consider getting rid of their pets because they can not afford even the basics like food.

This is where our pet food pantry comes in! Donated bags of dry dog and cat food get divided up into smaller bags so that we can hand out food to more people. In the last 6 months we have handed out over 3,500 lbs of food to families in need.

This service helps keep pets in homes and out of shelters or off the streets.

We are in desperate need of more food, because daily we have people requesting help. If you would like to help you can bring donations to the pet resource center on Phoenix Ave. or you can have items send directly to us from Amazon.

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