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Cost of Surgery

& what it includes

Kitties & Kanines Veterinary Clinic's mission is to offer high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter services to the River Valley area. As a nonprofit clinic, we are dedicated to ensuring that everyone has access to our services.

We understand that pets are family and will treat your fur-babies with the same care and concern as we would treat our own.

Surgery is done by appointment Monday through Friday.  Please call the clinic for scheduling. 

Cat Spay/Neuter: $40

$10 Additional fee for third trimester pregnancy

Dog Spay/Neuter:

$50 (49lbs & under)

$70 (50 to 99lbs)

$80 (100lbs & over)

$10 Additional fee for cryptorchid (per side)

$10 Additional fee for third trimester pregnancy

We now take cash, credit or debit!

All prices include pain medication at the time of surgery. Male dogs will be fitted with an E-collar to wear after surgery.

Proof of a current rabies vaccination (certificate) within the last year is required. If you do not have proof, your pet will be vaccinated at the time of surgery for an additional cost of $10. 

If fleas, worms, etc are found on the animal or if the animal needs antibiotics, an additional cost will be charged and could be up to $20 or more.

Pets must be at least 2 months old and weigh at least 2 pounds.

Additional Services

Time of surgery & Shot Clinic

Time of Surgery

The following are additional services that Kitties & Kanines Veterinary Clinic offers at the time of surgery.

Cardboard Carrier: $10

Feral Cat Ear Tip: $2

Microchip: $25

(Includes Registration)

Shot CLinic

Walk-In Shot Clinic

 No appointment needed

Every Wednesday 10am-1:30pm

(If shot clinic gets full we will cut off at 1:15pm)

We recommend that all animals visiting our clinic be current on all of their vaccinations.

Please note that it generally takes at least 2 weeks for vaccines to be effective.

Feline Distemper Shot (FVRCP): $12

Feline Leukemia Shot (FeLV): $12

Rabies Vaccine (1 year): $12

Flea & Tick Prevention: $10

Feline FeLV/FIV Testing: $20

Topical Profender Wormer: $12

Canine Kennel Cough Shot (Bordetella): $12

Canine Parvo/Distemper Shot (DAPPV): $12

Rabies Vaccine (1 year): $12

Flea & Tick Prevention: $10

Heartworm Testing: $20

Heartworm Prevention (6 months): $25-50

Drontal Plus Wormer Pill: $12


E-Collar (Pet Cone): $10

Nail Trim: $10

Cardboard Carrier: $10

Capstar (24hr Flea Treatment): $5

Microchip (Includes Registration): $25

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