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Big News!

Kitties and Kanines began it's journey in 2009 as the first low cost high volume spay/neuter clinic in the state of Arkansas. This was in response to the thousands of pets euthanized each year because there wasn't space for them in area shelters and rescues.

We will now be changing our name to Kitties and Kanines Pet Resource Center to better identify the resources we offer the community. We realize it takes a community effort to resolve the issues facing the River Valley's pet overpopulation crisis. Kitties and Kanines is evolving with the expansion of services to fit the needs of the area. Over the last several years, it has become clear that pet owners facing hardships in their lives could use other types of assistance to keep their pets at home.

Our organization began offering low cost or fully subsidized vaccinations, affordable wellness services, free pet food for those in need, shelter, adoption, and a trap-neuter-release program. By keeping pets in their homes with the owners who love them, our area will see fewer abandoned animals, lower euthanasia rates, less cruelty and neglectful situations.

Kitties and Kanines continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. In 2022 we served over 14,426 pets. Without our services, many of these pets would not get the help they need. Many would end up in shelters, on the streets or much worse. Kitties and Kanines can continue to better animal welfare in our area through generous community support. Please consider a donation to our organization so we can continue to help the animals.

When pet owners have nowhere else to go we are here to help leading with love, keeping pets and people where they belong... together.

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