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Cuddle Puddle

a pile of newborn black kittens lay together for warmth on a light pink blanket.
Cuddle Puddle

Kitten season in Arkansas/Oklahoma can be hard to define. In many parts of the USA it is between April and October, but for us it can often be year round. Basically, if the weather is nice an un-spayed female cat is ready to reproduce.

This year we have seen many kittens brought to Kitties and Kanines, both with momma cat and without.

The particular litter we have pictured came in with a momma cat (Bloom) who had a large wound on her stomach. She was no longer producing milk and the babies were on the verge of starvation at only 2 weeks old. Small kittens are very hard to bottle feed, needing feedings every few hours and having difficulty latching on to rubber nipples. Luckily another cat (Nurse) had been brought in with her own litter who were almost ready to wean. We were able to switch the younger kittens to Nurse and begin the weaning process with a foster home for the older kittens. Nurse took to the new kittens like a champ and we were able to treat Bloom’s wound. Bloom will be up for adoption soon. Nurse’s kittens Brain, Pinky, Rita, and Runt will be up for adoption at the beginning of July. In August we expect Bloom’s babies to be ready for adoption- Avery, Sandy, Buster, Luca, and Murray.

This is why it is so important to spay/neuter your pets. All of the cats we adopt out are spay/neutered before adoption. If you would like to help with the cost of caring for these babies you can donate to Kitties and Kanines. We would also be grateful for fosters and volunteers.

Black and white long hair cat lays on soft pink blanket, 5 small newborn black kittens lay in a pile near the mom cat.  At the bottom of the picture is a green, yellow and white toy and a metal bowl of wet cat food and a bowl of dry cat food.
Momma Cat (Nurse) with Kittens

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