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Do you know Bo?

Bo is an absolute sweetheart that loves people, children, other dogs and even cats! One of the low cost services we are able to offer at our clinic is helping with crossing the rainbow bridge when pets are to old, severely injured or have a chronic illness that means they can no longer live life with dignity. We have been able to ease pain and help owners say goodbye when pets were at a point that they needed to be let go.

In January, Bo came in with his owner. The owner wanted us to euthanize Bo, because Bo had an injury to a tendon in his rear left leg. This injury was NOT life threating, NOT extreme, and NOT chronic. It was simply painful and inconvenient to the owner because he would have to give Bo pain medication and Bo had difficulty going up and down stairs.

When our Vet Assistant examined Bo she could tell while Bo’s injury was painful, it was not life threating, so she refused to put him down. Bo still had many years of healthy life left. The owner was not happy about the idea of taking Bo home, so he signed Bo’s ownership over to us and walked out the door.

Kitties and Kanines took Bo to a full service vet to get x-rays and a surgical consultation. This vet said that Bo’s injury would not be improved by surgery the injury was to advanced, but pain could be managed with some medication. The vet also confirmed that Bo could expect 5-8 more years of good life.

After a brief stay as our door greeter, Bo has now taken up a position as a door greeter at an eye doctor in NWA. He spends lots of time saying hello to people and napping in the sun, no stairs involved.

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